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Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

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Work, Life, Balance Debrief

Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

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Lesson Info

6. Work, Life, Balance Debrief

Lesson Info

Work, Life, Balance Debrief

We're gonna give you a sheet of paper now at your tables and show it on the screen for those of you at home having your conversation with your friends. Here are a couple of questions that come up relative to the part of the material we've been dealing with the last few minutes. So, which one's easier for you to work on, the Workview or the Lifeview? It's kind of an interesting question. What was this like? This is not the thing most people do. Usually we don't hear, oh, I just printed mine off when I got the homework, I already had them all done. Rarely does that occur. You know, after writing this stuff and talking about this stuff, and maybe listening to Dan Pink's ideas, you know, what are you thinking? What's coming up for you? And, do you get value out of this connecting the dots? We're making a claim that if you can articulate these things and correlate these things, and somebody, explain to me how your values in your current experience get along. You're ability to articulate tha...

t, we think really helps you get more out of your life. Is that working for you or not? And have that conversation at your table, all six of you just jump in, have a conversation, here's some questions to get you going. We'll give you about five, six minutes to check in with each other on this kind of stuff. Go for it. I think it was kinda, for me, it was easier to write the Workview, right off the bat, because although I have been thinking about the Lifeview quite a bit recently, it was still kind of a young thought if you will, but the work thing it's like oh, let me tell ya about work, you know, so-- Can I ask, what do you do quickly? Project Manager for a General Contractor. Okay. That life feels overwhelming to think about as a whole sometimes, but work, that's something that's more concrete that we can look to and talk about easier, so I think it's a little bit easier. Yeah. Once again, at the end of the module, what are some takeaways or highlights of what you got out of this, and any questions you have about this? Any questions that came up that you'd like us to address or just highlights you'd like to make mention of. For my favorite, like work experience, is the ones that align most with my life, Lifeview. So the projects I enjoy working on the most and times when I, even though I was spending a lot of time at work, didn't feel like work because it was something I was enjoying. Yeah, there was an alignment of coherence, and so that felt like on task for you. Yeah, and so as I was looking back on it, I was like oh, it makes sense now. Yeah and so in retrospect, actually I was having a better time than I realized, and so this whole idea, we call this that you were helping you develop a conscious competency in life and in career wayfinding. That's what we're actually doing today, if we spoke pedagogically about it, you know, and so if I have a conscious competency, oh I notice that when I'm really value aligned, I'm really having a better time. I can get proactive about kinda checking in with myself on a journaling basis once a week. So how was my value rating this week? You know, oh yeah, I had a great time. You know, so you can sort of be in charge of catching yourself in the act of having a great life. Other observe, oh, there I was again, yeah. A we noticed here, it was interesting that my friend here and I noticed that we were more into the life part of this thing, the Lifeview part of it, and others at the table were more into the Workview part of it and in part of that is season of life I think. It's more that we're a little, we're both over 50, (laughing) basically, and I mean it reminded me of this thing from Young that we talked about, up to age 40 or 45, you focus on building your ego, and then after that you start focusing on giving to others, and that, that was sort of what I heard from that. Nice to hear, also something to look forward to if you're not there yet. What's interesting about what you just said is that at our table we were talking about like the uniqueness of the Lifeview and a lot of us had regardless of age, had an easier time with the Lifeview than the Workview, so I think that's really interesting, and another thing that came up for us, which I really want to highlight is the even the possibility of looking at these things, and the privilege of being able to look at these things is a tremendous, it's a boon for all of us. Yeah, so, just like acknowledging that, which I think you guys mentioned earlier. You do this kind of work in many different places. Yeah, the very, very first time, in the summer of 2007, Bill and I had lunch in the spring of 2007, which I thought was the beginning of a year long series of conversations about a weird ambiguous topic and five minutes in, Bill goes, this is great idea, we'll do it in the fall, we're prototype it this summer, let's go! (students laughing) So you know, after 15-- Biased to action. 15 years in Sales and Marketing, I wasn't ready to close the deal, and then the less we did that, our first prototype was that summer, and two Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 10:00 at night, we had a couple of exercises we made up on the spot, we threw them all away, they were terrible, and we had eight former students in the room, four former master student's, four former undergrad students, and at the end of the second night, we go, it's about 10:00, you know I think it's time to go, and one of the young men goes, no, we're not going anywhere. We go, well I think we are, and he goes, we have no place to have this conversation, and we've heard that phrase, we don't have a place to have this conversation, many, many, many of us, what you just said you know, we're having this, wherever during the day that this conversation is really clicking for you, we just don't create this kind of a space. Most of what we're trying to do is create a space for you to have this conversation in a generative way, so I'm really glad that's happening for you. And, we are privileged to be in a place where we have work and life. I do notice people already being helpful. They're listening to you, they're not like checking their text and stuff, you know-- (students laughing) you know, because people really do care about each other. You guys didn't know each other when you came here, did ya? You know, you don't need your best friends to do this right, you just need people on the same page about, yeah, I'd like some help with my own life too, and I'm even willing to pay attention to you. Do we have some comments from online? We have people at home who are doing this as well. So this comments from Geniece Marie, she says, it took awhile to get my Lifeview going but the Workview came quickly, which is ironic since I'm no longer doing traditional work but it's great to see significant connections between Lifeview and Workview because I'm in a great position to create something new.

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A fantastic class for someone seeking to optimize their life for a greater sense of satisfaction and especially for someone who is considering a career transition. We are taught effective methods for brainstorming, examining, and prototyping our options, and we are given an approach for the hardest task of all: how to make a choice when faced with multiple good options! Also great tips for networking and getting your foot in the door. This class was very timely for me as I've been struggling with making a decision on what my next career was going to be. I now feel equipped with tools that will help me make that decision with less agony and more fun! Also, I'm a huge fan of design thinking, so it was great to see how that methodology could be applied to making one of the most important decisions in our life.

Karen Vitto

Great course! Great for who like me is on their 30's starting life in a new country with a new language and have been out of the industry for 4 years. Designing new goals, making new networking and starting a MBA for some updates on my carrear. Really helped with some focus. Super recommend!


Loved this class! It was high energy, fast paced and well organized, as well as inspiring. It helped me to make more concrete things I've been thinking and dreaming about. I'm so glad I took it. I made great contacts and will definitely use this material in the future!